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13 Years
Jul 10, 2009
I read a lot of sad stories in this section and feel for people. At my age if I wake up not hurting anywhere, it means I died in the night! Seriously, things I have learned in life:
1. Family members, pets, friends all die in their time, I'm not ready yet, so I'll make coffee and go let the chickens out.
2. Lost more then one job in my Career. Just made for an opportunity for a better job---eventually, when I got over it and tried harder.
3. Self-fulfilling prophetically: People that expect the worse, generally get it.
4. If you live beyond your means------it will catch up to you. Planning for unexpected expenses means you got it covered when the fridge dies, the washer quits, or the car strands you.
5. The happiest times in my life was/is when I have the least in material goods----less to worry about and I can get back to my garden and watching the chickens scratch around making me laugh at the worm tug-o-war.
6. I don't try to keep up with the Jones or follow the latest trend, turns out, doing my own thing became the latest trend.
7. If I want to do something or accomplish something---think about it, read about it, (love the internet for research), plan, then do it and be flexible when plans change.
8. I can't control the weather, but I can water the garden when it doesn't rain and I can work on inside projects when it won't stop raining.
9. The taste of a tree ripen apricot was worth the wait growing the trees from seed.
10. People and chickens do the darnest things.

Well, that's my list of 10 lessons learned---Whats yours?
Thanks for sharing- these are so great. Especially #5. I have to tell you for so much of my life I spent around people who put material things first-spend all day inside a mall shopping. I never understood it - and now people talk about me like I'm some kind of hick because I love talking about the chickens and shopping to me is TSC. That's why I love this site - b/c people understand. I've found that animal people/farmers/chicken people are some of the most down to earth folks you'll meet. I also love # 1, well, I actually love them all I'm gonna print these out and post. Have a good day!!
Great list, and oh so true. I am downsizing now, getting rid of stuff I thought I would pass on to my kids, but if they don't want it NOW, then its gone. Nothing really historical, but stuff that no one would ever use and just pack away like I did when my mom died. I feel if someone if a collector of some of it, then Bless Them, they can have it. My attic is full and I don't want to do to my kids what my sis and I had to do when mom passed. It was wonderful bittersweet cleaning, but oh my!!! My DH has so much stuff setting around here, he needs to make some hard decisions too and get rid of some things before its too late and they aren't worth what he paid for them. Don't get me started.
Some very true keys to happiness.One of my big things is to take delight in all the little things one would normally rush by and take for granted, as the little things usually hold the most meaning.
Hmmm.... older thread, but I like it.

1. Compassion is a very important thing, but don't be gulled. Many will try to take advantage of a big heart.
2. Death is inevitable. Learn to deal with it, it happens to every living creature. It's never easy to lose anyone.
3. Can't argue with yours, it's true. Expect the worst and it will find you.
4. Material possessions don't mean a darn thing, as long as you have shelter and food. Comfort is relative. Your memories are more important.
5. Learning to really LOOK at the world around you, no matter where you are.
6. Learn all you can - the human brain has an amazing capacity.
7. Keep your mouth shut unless you have something to actually contribute.
8. Complain if you want, but have a solution to offer. Whining doesn't do any good.
9. Love really is a wonderful thing. You'll know it when it finally happens!
10. Jealousy stinks.
11. Keep your sense of humor!

Shoot, this is a late night ramble, I could go on forever, but....
12. Try not to bore others.
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I like 5 too. Made me smile,because those chicken chases do crack me up. It has been a horrid week for me with returning a boy who was visiting to a not good home,finding said summer visitors left a gift of lice,water tank flooding the house,gas leaking,and our 13 week old rooster dying. All so stressful but being in the yard and watching ds herd the older hens around just helps make it better somehow.
Sayings taught to me by the previous generation...

1. People change... but seldom do.
2. If you get lemons, make some lemonade.
3. It's amazing how much good a person can do if they don't care who gets the credit.
4. A dollar SAVED, is a dollar earned.
5. It's not how much you make, it's how much you save that matters most. Always spend less than you earn.
6. Interest never takes a holiday or a day off - Avoid debt like the plague.
7. The devil DIDN'T make you do it.
8. Judge not that ye be not judged, BUT, judge righteous judgment!
9. Live without regret.
10. It's so much easier to live life with the glass half full.
11. Count your blessings.
and last but not least...
12. If you are mercifully free of the ravages of intelligence or if you need a psychiatrist, you probably belong to the Donkey party.

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