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11 Years
Mar 12, 2008
Loxahatchee, Florida
Here in South Florida afternoon thunderstorms are common. Some times they can be heavy & intense, and when the ground is already saturated in our back paddock, a downpour of a few inches or more can cause parts of the yard to flood. Yesterday afternoon we had a storm that dropped about 3 inches of rain in a few hours. At sundown the rain stopped & I rushed out to see how my birds fared. Of course the ducks & geese were deeeelighted, and the adult chickens were soaked, but rather philosophical about the situation.

I was most concerned about a group of 7 chicks, about 3-4 weeks old, who stay in a little covered pen in that paddock. As I approached I saw to my dismay that there were a few inches of water over the whole floor of that pen. No chicks were to be seen, not on the roost, not on the top of a plastic pet carrier set inside as a shelter for them. I bent down & pushed the door open against the water. I was relieved to NOT see any drowned little bodies floating inside the pen. Then I reached inside the plastic pet carrier, dreading to feel water-soaked, maybe dead chicks at the back of the container.

To my surprise all I felt was warm, DRY, fluffy babies. How could this be?

The answer came when my wrist pushed against the plastic pet carrier, which began to bob. The container was FLOATING on the surface of the ground water! The chicks must have gotten inside when the storm began and the water rose up beneath their shelter. They must have stayed huddled at the back and never tipped the container for water to seep inside any openings. Like a little ark, keeping them safe from the flood.

How nice of God, while minding the sparrows, to also provide so handily for some nondescript mixed-breed little chicks!

Jehovah Jireh!

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