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    Some background: Our neighbor has commercial chicken houses and raises beef cattle. He's helped by his son-in-law. This farm also used to have commercial chicken houses and had beef cattle. My SO's family stopped farming back when his father passed away 15 years ago. Since that time the pastures on this place have been leased to the neighbor for his cattle to graze on and he cuts hay off the meadows as well. This saves us the upkeep on the meadows and provides a nice check once a year. The neighbor is very nice, but his SIL is a bit of a snob. The neighbor started buying eggs from me about a month ago. He's now a regular customer and insists on paying me double. Other than that we don't have much contact with them.
    Last summer I saw the SIL up here with a backpack sprayer, but didn't think much about it at the time. I figured he was going up to spray down the weeds around the catch pen. A couple weeks later when the blackberries should have been getting ripe I went up to check them and found all the blackberry plants dead! He hadn't sprayed any other weeds, just the blackberry plants. I was madder than a wet hen and complained for weeks about it to my SO. My SO agreed with me that there really wasn't any reason for him to spray down the blackberries, but didn't bother to question the guy. I finally got over my mad when I found some blackberry plants in a secluded part of the farm behind the chicken coop. There's plenty enough there for our consumption.
    Now for the current issue:
    I go out this morning to find that the SIL is on a tractor in the meadows spraying some sort of weed killer. It smells horrible. It didn't bother me at first because he was on the far meadows, but then he came up closer to our house and sprayed the meadow right next to my chicken's range! My chickens graze on that meadow!
    I think it would have been only right for that man to come and let us know ahead of time that he was going to be spraying. I could have made arrangements to keep my chickens off that pasture for awhile. Now I find myself going outside every five minutes to call the chickens back towards the house.
    My SO says he understands about me worrying about my chickens, but doesn't see the harm in the spraying. He says they will probably be putting cows back on the meadows within a day or so and if it's okay for the cows it must be okay for my chickens.
    It's not suppose to rain for a week and I'm going to be worried about my chickens for at least that long. It's going to be awful hard on the chickens to be kept in their coop for a week.
    I'm just so mad! How hard would it have been for them to let us know a couple days in advance???? We plan on building a pen for those times when something comes up that the chickens can't free range, but money is tight right now and free ranging is working well for us.
    Rant over now.
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    He should have told you ahead of time. Pesticide poisoning is a painful messy death for any animal. Get electrolytes and charchoal on hand in case one of your birds goes down. They'll go down FAST, and it's imperative to get fluids into their body to dillute the posion to a safe level. You'll likely have to restrain them (convulsions), and keep physical contact high (the stimulus encourages them to survive). Sorry for the situation, but be prepared in case something happens!
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    [​IMG] That sucks -
    My neighbor and I don't get along either. I tried everything to keep the peace but she refused. She has finally decided to leave me alone after last yr - her complaining about my radio (which was on low) that was on in my barn b/c of my horses being stalled. I informed her that I really didn't care what she thought and that it was on and would stay on b/c it was for my horses comfort and not hers.

    Well she now realize that I will have any animal that I want and they don't bother her other than the noise and that anything I do is for my animals comfort. So she hasn't talked to us in over a yr - works for me.

    I am sorry about your neighbors and hope that your chickens will be ok. I would be worried about them also. [​IMG]
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    OK, let me see if I have this right? He is spraying POISON, on YOUR property, that you lease to him!?? And for WHAT reason!?? I would go have a talk with him if this is the case...and let him know about the blackberries as well. He is RENTING the property..and must make sure anything he does is ok with you, as the landlord, BEFORE he does it! I would definately try to be calm...but firm..and talk with them.
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    Quote:ditto, what she said!
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    Yeah, what they said. Sheesh!!! I would have an absolute hissy fit.
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    :rantThank you for posting this. This is EXACTLY why I won't lease to anyone for anything!!! As soon as you do it they think they own the place. Pretty soon you'll see trash there, they'll be hunting there, fishing there, you'll see their friends there doin the same stuff. [​IMG] Ughhhh!! I would have really been steamed about the blackberries because we collect ours and never buy jam or jelly. Hoo-boo I'd hit the roof over that dang poison spraying! [​IMG]
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    I feel for you. Nasty neighbors bring you down. I would simply tell the man as nice as you can that the son-in-law is not welcome on your property any longer and that if he insists spraying poisons around without cause or care then you will find a good place to put it for him. [​IMG] Sorry if that offends, but sometimes people need tough love.
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    As soon as my SO got up from his nap (he works the late shift) I started in on my rant again and he agreed to call the farmer about it, to find out what exactly they are spraying. He wasn't able to get ahold of them before he had to leave for work, but says he'll keep trying.
    In the meantime, when I walked him out to his car when he left for work I saw cows grazing on the meadow I was so worried about so apparently it is something safe. That makes me feel a little better, but I still want this guy to ask permission next time. How would he like it if I went to his place and started tossing around free-range chickens poo inside his precious broiler houses??
    As for hunting and fishing...they really don't want to go there. I've made my position on that very clear, numerous times. My SO has turned down requests to hunt here from alot of people because he knows there would be h-e-double hockey stix to pay from me.
    Thanks for understanding y'all. I knew BYCers were the only ones that would. [​IMG]
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    Quote:ditto, what she said!

    I agree with the post above. I would be [​IMG]

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