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  1. So, my EE hen Penny started laying (or rather, dropping) eggs for the first time two days ago. Went out in the morning to find a soft-shelled small egg plopped down under where she roosts. Was then surprised when she started fretting and digging in the straw trying to nest just four hours later. (i posted in the ER section as i thought she was egg-bound) But after four hours of that behavior she went back to normal. She went to bed around 7pm, then when i went out at 9pm to turn off the outside lights and kiss everyone goodnight, i found another egg under where she was roosting. This one had no shell, only a membrane.

    Then last night when i went to tuck everyone in, i decided to feel around under Penny's roost, and sure enough, there is another egg. This one had a shell, although it was soft and a little squished on one side. Now i'm thinking that first egg didn't come in the morning, but perhaps the night before.

    Here's my question - What's with that??????? i thought hens were supposed to hop into a nest box in the morning and lay an egg, not let them simply fall out when they go to bed at night? Has anyone else experienced this nighttime egg-drop type of situation?
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    I had a few that did this on the first egg, no problems once their bodies stated making hard eggs. I wouldn't worry overly much.
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    Remember eggs and poo comes out of the same place. She probably thought she was pooing since it wasn't a hard egg.
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    Quote:Sounds logical... that's how I describe pushing when I teach my childbirth classes. First time moms often think they 'have to go potty' when they feel that urge to push for the first time.

  5. Susan,

    Do you teach a childbirth class for chickens? [​IMG]

    Poor girl, this whole egg thing must be a big shock to her.


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