Noisey peafowl - bothersome to neighbors!

Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by Fluffy Peacock, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. Fluffy Peacock

    Fluffy Peacock Hatching

    Sep 29, 2012
    We have a 5 acre property. We are concerned that calling and noise made by 2-4 peacocks will upset our neighbors. When do the birds usually get noisy and is there any way to keep it to a minimum? Any chance that there are "mute" peacocks?

  2. Lil Zoo

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    Jun 5, 2012
    Southeast, Iowa
    I think the noise they make is kind of neat but I never hear mine when I am in the house. I guess it's how your located because the neighbor almost 2 miles down the road said she heard them and thought someone was being killed. When she found out it was peacocks she just wanted to see them and enjoy their beauty also. So I guess if you are concerned before you take the plunge is ask each neighbor first. Also if talking to the neighbors doesn't work for you check if their is a noise ordnance where you live.
    My daughter lives on the out skirts of town with 3 peas. They have had some complaints from people in town, but they are out of the city limits, I guess noise ordnance. They have a lot more complaints about their donkey though than the peas.
    I live in the country so ambulances and police cars keep me a wake when staying in the cities, yet people dwelling in the city aren't waken by them. I think it's all what you get use to or your neighbors frame of mind.
  3. Fluffy Peacock

    Fluffy Peacock Hatching

    Sep 29, 2012
    What makes the Peacocks scream/call and is there a certain time of day when they tend to call or are they generally quiet unless startled (e.g. car driving by)? We are trying to figure out what to tell our neighbors to expect about the noise they are known for making.
  4. Mmmaddie13

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    Mar 5, 2011
    Fort Collins, CO
    They call mostly in the summertime, which is their breeding season, from about May to August, depending on your climate. The screaming/yelling you're referring to is the males' "mating call," though the females can make the same noise if they are frightened or excited. I guess they keep quiet at night unless they are startled. Some people like the noise, others not so much. Just let your neighbors know, like Lil Zoo said, and check in on noise ordinances. We have dogs and donkeys and roosters and between all them, I don't think the peas will stand out too much when they start yelling. I've got some pretty great neighbors, though. Good luck!

    Oh, and [​IMG]

  5. casportpony

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    Jun 24, 2012
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    Mine scream whenever they hear a truck, siren or any other loud noise and they make a different noise if a cat, skunk or hawk is nearby.

  6. destinduck

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    Mar 20, 2008
    The greens are more expensive but very rarely call. I got a male for the same reasons you posted fluffy. And also [​IMG] Heres my boy. Click on pic to enlarge.

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