Noisy Ducks?


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May 31, 2016
I have 7 Cayuga and 3 Golden hybrids that will not shutup at night. I bought these breeds because everything I read said these breeds are quiet. They don't start making noise until night time, and they sleep fully outdoors. Any Ideas on how to get the to quiet down?

I think you need to have a shelter for them at night to lock them into. This will keep them safe for one thing, and also help them feel more secure. I know my ducks start calling for me when it starts to get dark and they want to go in for the night. The way my pens are set up, they don't always have access to their night house, so they have to wait until I come out to let them into that area. I think your ducks are making alot of noise because they are nervous and have possibly seen a predator in the area.

As for the video, I can tell you right now that ducks will not choose one area to poop in. Just not going to happen. lol! They poop wherever they are standing at that particular moment (and they poop ALOT). The only way I've been able to keep nice grass in their pens is that I pick up all the poops daily (with gloves of course), and I also rotate the areas they are in. I have 4 big pens I rotate them around in so I can just move them to another pen when that grass needs some time to recover. Works great! :)
What Cherib603 said! I also go around and rinse away some of the poo-residue on the grass after I pick up the poops sometimes. Works really well to keep the grass clean, and helps fertilize and water the grass at the same time. You just don't want your grass to get TOO wet to where it gets over-watered and just makes mud. That can kill grass as well, especially with ducks around who love to rip up soggy grass and play in the mud. ;)
Ducks like MUD??!!??!!

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