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May 17, 2017
Hey all! Sorry in advance this is kind of a long post.
I live in a pretty urban neighborhood where chickens aren't exempt, but noise makers are. Although I planned on starting with two Buff Orpingtons pullets from the local hatchery I ended up fostering two red sex links for a friend who needs them rehomed. They're a little older but lay on average an egg a day between them and are super sweet, perfect for this beginner. Everything's been going great until yesterday morning at sun up - one girl started acting like a rooster! Cock-a-doodle and all - so loud it sounded like she was in our living room except she was actually outside and all our doors and windows were closed! I'm at no obligation to keep this girl, but she happens to be mine and my kids favorite, so I went on a mission to keep her quiet until a reasonable hour. I have a relatively small coop with a sliding door that shuts the portion of the roost and nesting boxes off to the rest of the coop. It's not naturally super dark, there's a window and cracks where light come through, so I actually changed that - making a 'blacked out bedroom' for the girls so I can have a little more control over the 'sunrise greeter'. I work nights but still get home before sunup, so snuck out and slid the door closed while the girls were asleep and when I woke up went out and slid it open to let the sun in and them out. I was pleased to see that they were still totally asleep and groggily came out of the coop for some free range time (rather than being antsy and irritated about being shut in). And thus far no cock-a-doodling, just normal happy clucking. Hoping it's a good long term solution and that this helps some of you who may have the same struggle. Also, if anyone has any better ideas or opinions would love to hear it.
Congratulations, but I'm surprised it worked. My roosters start crowing a good 2 hours before the first hint of daylight. It's not a big deal for us though because we live in a VERY rural area and I still wake up 30 minutes before the chickens do.
Hello there and welcome to BYC! :frow

Older hens can act like roosters and crow, I have an old hen that is no longer laying and once in a while she too will crow, but my girl doesn't do it regularly. Maybe this is the case with your girl. If she gets out of control, you could raise the roost bar high enough so that she can't stand up tall on it. Birds need to stand very tall to crow and this could prevent her from crowing? I have heard others with roosters and this method and in some cases it piped them right down.

Good luck with your flock and welcome to ours!
Maybe what you heard was a hen doing the egg song, kinda like bawk, bawk, bawk BAGAWK !! They want the world to know a great accomplishment they achieved.
Maybe what you heard was a hen doing the egg song, kinda like bawk, bawk, bawk BAGAWK !! They want the world to know a great accomplishment they achieved.
She wasn't anywhere near the coop when she started doing it, and it was not a 'BAGAWK' it was a 'ERR ERR ERR ERR ERRRRR!' I think it was a combination of happy to be out of the coop, happy that it was daylight, and also not happy that I hadn't given her treats yet. I went right out, I picked her up, put her back in the coop and closed it up. She did it again inside the coop and I went right out and told her firmly 'Be quiet!' And crazy enough - she was! She definitely didn't get free range time for it though and definitely didn't get treats for it. (I'll be darned if a chicken trains me! ) After that I went to work on darkening the coop to avoid this problem today. So far so good.

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