Noisy hens! Is that normal?


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Feb 28, 2011
Hello everyone,

I have 7 NH Reds. They were born on April 4th.
Since some of them have just started laying eggs I noticed that they've gotten loud, VERY loud!
My office is about 400 feet from the coop and pen. They cluck and yell so loud that I not only can I hear them very loudly from my window, I can even hear them echo around the property!!
I often run to the window to see if a predator has gotten to them. Many times I'll run out there to see if they are okay (as some are in the coop at the time). Once they see me coming, they happily run over to the gate to see what I've brought them. No ruffled feathers, no blood and guts. Just 7 birds that appear to be quite happy.

Is this normal? I didn't want the noise of a rooster, but I wasn't prepared for how loud a hen can be! :)

Thanks for your advice.

- Jim
When it's egg time, Their 'egg song' can be quite loud. And it doesn't help when the others cheerlead the process
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It is normal for some chickens. I know a few coops in my town where you almost never hear the hens making noises, but in other places around town you can hear chickens blocks from their coop...such as mine. We have a large park behind our house and I can hear my chickens at the very other side. I think if you have one loud chicken they all start competing to see who can make the most noise.
The Egg Song and the Something's Wrong Song are almost exactly the same, so I can understand your concern in that regard.

Egg song - first stanza:
"Bawk bok bok bok bok bok bok bok. Bawk bok bok bok bok bok bok bok. Bok bok bok buh- GAWk!"

Something's Wrong Song - first stanza:

I have hens and pullets which do not sing the Egg Song, and I have some roosters which cheer the ladies on and sing it in chorus with them.

Brenda, my light Brahma, sings for at least 15 minutes, extolling her prowess as an egg-laying machine who produces THE best eggs of anybody in the flock. She's very prideful. And loud.
Thank you all for your speedy responses.
I'm relieved! As long as it's normal, I can put up with it.
Not sure if my neighbors mind, but I look at it as payback for their barking dogs in the evening :)

Thanks again for putting my mind to rest.

- - Jim
Thank you for that wonderful description of the different songs! I have to say I really hope my hens are quiet ones because my neighbors complain if they hear roosters. I have given all my roosters away. At least hens don't get up before the crack of dawn! Are any breeds more quiet than others?
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My chickens are the same! They are sooo loud some days, but then other days very quiet. My Violet is so proud when she lays an egg that she will "sing" about it for half an hour or more! Chickens, what can you do?

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