noisy hens


9 Years
May 13, 2010
my hens are so noisy in the middle
of the night. worried about neighbor.
what should i do? why are they clucking so much?
Good question. Are they awake because there is too much light, maybe from the street or a yard light or something? Are they being disturbed by some critter, like rats or mice or cats or a skunk or some such? Generally, they should be quiet and asleep when it is dark out. If they are getting a lot of light from somewhere, you need to find a way to darken the coop for them.
I agree with ddawn and the posted girls are always quiet at night except 1 time when a raccoon was trying to break in.
so I darkened the coop and all went well. . .
thank you.
I guess I am confused. I live in Jackson Hole
where it is freezing!! If I use the heat lamp I have
light. . . last night it was 28, i just turned lamp off and darkened window.
but we will get to below 15 and all of that. . . so what will i do then?
I am insulating coop this weekend. . .
You may try using a red light instead of a white light to heat. Red lights supposedly don't disrupt day cycles. It's not visible like a white light is.

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