Noisy indoor rooster driving me mad! Advice please!

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    Jul 25, 2012
    Hi there,

    My rooster is currently living indoors so I can keep him separate from the flock while I treat him with Baytril. I'm loving him being indoors because he's so friendly and cuddly, the only problem is his crowing!

    I can handle/ignore crowing during the late morning and day, but crowing at 4:30am is just silly!

    My rooster needs to be indoors for six more days, maybe a few more if he doesn't get better.

    I've tried keeping a light on for as long as possible to trick him into thinking the days are longer (he was awake and watching family guy at 11pm with me last night!) I also tried keeping him in a dark box small enough so he's comfotable but so he can't stick his head right up to "Cocka-doodle-do"...None of my attempts to keep him quiet have worked!

    Does anyone have any other tips on how how to keep him quiet for a little longer in the morning?
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