Noisy Pullet


10 Years
Apr 7, 2009
My chickens have always been pretty quiet but now one of my girls (a red sex link) has been making quite a ruckus, squawking and cackling all day long. None of the girls are laying yet (they're 18 weeks). Is this normal behaviour for pullets who are approaching laying age?
I think it's normal. I have 2 pullets (a sebright and a polish) that will not SHUT UP! They cackle and squawk and pace all day long, I can't figure out what the heck they want. They're louder than my roosters
Come on now! You couldn’t have a better telegraph system if you tried. Why… my girls let me know if anything in the neighborhood is out of the ordinary ….er….wrong…er…different.

Why they run to the back door as fast as them can bawk…bawk...bawking as loud as they can if ….the baby two houses down is crying, if the kids next door are screaming , if the neighbors are having a fight, if the street sweeper is coming, if an airplane is flying too low, if a mocking bird has just landed in their tree. Look what I would be missing if I didn’t pay attention to them.
Okay, two days later and I checked the nesting box when I got home - nothing. Went for a run then changed the water and put out more food. thought I check the nest box one more time (a severe case of wishful thinking) and voila! AN EGG!!!!!! Pretty sure it's Joy my red sex link.

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