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    Dec 10, 2012
    I have 9 chickens, some two-year layers and some one-year layers. For the past several months we've only been getting one to three eggs per day. We are so frustrated! Anyone have any ideas?
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    There are a few possible reasons for them not laying: like parasites - have you dusted for mites and dewormed them? Incorrect feeding - what are you feeding them? Motling: did the 2 year old layers molt at any stage over the past few months?

    It is also possible that they are laying, but you are not getting the eggs. Are they free ranging? They may be laying, but not in the nest boxes. Hens like to make secrets nests outside in the most impossible places. We did a daily egg hunt on our farm, eventually finding all their favourite spots and they still caught us out!

    Another thing: is your coop predator proof? We had a problem with beasties running off with our eggs. Small animals like mice love eggs and they can eat a lot!
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    Welcome to BYC. In addition to what Sumi stated, hens slack off laying due to shortness of daylight hours during the winter. Cooler temps affects laying as well. Also your birds are getting older, laying slows as they get older.
    Liberally add cayenne pepper to their feed to kickstart laying.
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