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    Im not sure if this is the right place to post this, so I hope someone will move this if its not the right spot. I have some really nice RIR that came from Jimmy Swanson who was a Master breeder of RIR from Lake city FL. Due to the fact no one around me has these rare birds I would like to find other people that have the old line of RIR and possibly do some chick or egg trading this spring or later winter to broaden my genetic lines. My birds are quite large, have the deep yellow orange shanks with the red color on the the roos and hens shanks, darker on the roos. They are very correct and Im sure would help someone else out, as much as some good birds being added to my lines would help me. I have both rose comb and single comb.

    Thank you for anyone wanting to share pics of their Old RIR variety or want to stay in touch as there aren't that many of us around.

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