non-silkie silkies.......any projects out there?

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    just wondering if anyone out there has non silkie silkies? i got my first last year and was hooked ever since. and m curious how they are 'made'

    are they crossed with another breed then bred back to silkies or something else?

    i have a few myself (no idea what caused them though? so would like to learn more) they seem like silkies in every way apart from having normal feathers) but....all bar one of mine seem to come out with leakage round the do i go about breeding this out?

    i have 2 black pullets (one with silver leakage one with gold leakage)
    1 white roo with red and black leakage
    1 pure white pullet

    only the pure white pullet and black red leakage has leg feathering though.....








    my proper silkied silkies are

    Roo - patridge
    Roo - buff
    pullet -patridge
    pullet - solid black
    pullet- solid white
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    ya they are crossed with another breed cause the silkie feathering is a resessive gene. to get the silkied look on another breed like silkied seramas or showgirls (turkins) you would first breed the non silkied bird to a silkie and the off spring would look like your birds and then you take those birds and breed back to a silkie and then you would start seeing the silkied feathers, that offspring would be bred back to a silkie and so on
    or your birds could just be missing the silkie feather gene
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