NON STOP EATING? *Please post asap*


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Nov 1, 2015
So My female Budgie little marie has been non stop eating! every second I see her eating (some parts of the day she stops)

She is the budgie im getting into breeding condition (she actually is in breeding condition but needs a little more to go so shes separated from the males)some people reckon shes eating heaps to get herself in top tip breeding condition (I have never had this with breeding any of my budgies) so is this true?

I also noticed she sat at the bottom of her cage today wedged in a few things like a nest shes never ever done this before so whats up with this?

And today she been trying to break through her cage like shes not sitting still?? shes fidgiting around like shes never done before shes even ignoring her toys ?? and toys are one her fav thing??

It almost looks like shes trying so hard to get to the male budgies? ( a male budgie has mounted her but not sure if they mated)

Whats up with all this?

Any advie etc. would be much appreciated please reply ASAP!


nchls school

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Apr 22, 2015
Budgies are flock birds that do not like being alone; especially if she has a mate-and it sounds like she does (the male that mounted her}. There really is no reason to separate budgies unless they are ill or refuse to stop breeding-most do stop when their nest box is removed,
Your budgie will do better if she is put back with her mate; in or out of condition budgie pairs do better left together as budgies become very attached to their mate-they form monogamous (mostly) pairings.

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