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I just discovered my rooster has Bumblefoot. I don’t have all I need to treat him tonight, so I just soaked his foot in an epsom salt bath, put neosporin on it, and wrapped it up. He’s not limping, I noticed it during a foot check. He’s eating and drinking fine. It’s a big black scab, no swelling visible from the top side of the foot. I didn’t get a picture.

I have seen several videos online and found a few that claim to successfully have gotten the foot kernel out after just warm epsom salt soaks alone. They soak for like 10 min at a time, check for kernel looseness, return to soak if needed, and eventually it can just be pulled out. I would much prefer to do this rather then attempt cutting into the foot myself. Has anyone done this successfully? One video even said they had success with a duck by just soaking and wrapping the foot daily for several weeks.

I know “surgery” can be done by yourself at home, but I’m looking for other options. Will buy the antiseptic spray and vet wrap tomorrow for after care. Also once the kernel is removed, how long will it take to heal? Thanks.
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Is this Bumblefoot for sure? I pulled the scab off it after some soaking last night and didn’t see anything inside. I didn’t have my phone on me so I didn’t get a picture. I cleaned it with Vetericyn Plus, put neosporin on it, and bandaged it.
I re-cleaned and rebandaged it up tonight, here’s what it looked like. It scabbed over again but isn’t really hard or painful. He’s not limping, this was noticed when I was checking all birds feet. I don’t want to keep pulling the scab off for no reason (also his legs are pink like that, it’s normal for him). Superficially it looks like the Bumblefoot pics I’ve seen online, but under the scab it looked like a callus.
The foot already looks better after just 3 days of cleaning with Vetercyin, applying neosporin, and wrapping I will continue this routine daily as long as it continues to improve.
Comparing day 2 of treatment (on left) to day 6 of treatment (on right). Just cleaning with Vetercyin, applying neosporin, and bandaging daily. Scab is definitely improving, will keep treating as above.
The infection is still in there. It will be better for a while then it'll come back. You have to take off the scab and really get to the hard cheesy like pus that chickens have. I squeeze out the material and pick at it until I see blood. Then I know I'm at good tissue.

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