Non Vegan Chooks

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    Apr 25, 2011
    I have only three laying chooks. Hybrid "Hyline" They free range over an eight acre green paddock with ten feet of rainfall evenly distributed throughout the year in a temperate climate.
    I suspect that these birds only top up with grasses and other salad ingredients but they are enthusiastic meat eaters. Scratching almost full time when not sun bathing or dusting up. I have seen them swallow mice that have been clobbered by the treadle feeder.
    They are not keen on bought pellets and rapidly loose interest in wheat. Running with them is a pensioner chook that is not able to lay any more eggs, though she will try hard and sometimes produces a soft small shell only ball. This old one will rip into bought food. The paddock all their lives three are indifferent to say the least even with such a shining example of junk food consumption from the pensioner.
    Egg yolks are naturally orange when made from slaters slugs snails and worms.

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