Non-wandering chicken breeds?


Nov 23, 2017
Kimberley, Western Australia
Hey all! Are there any chicken breeds that don’t mind being enclosed?
The pen is about 10metres by 30 metres (more of a mini backyard) with several mini pens inside for roosting. We currently have three mature hens in there, that get free range of the yard (five acres, unfenced) and only go into the enclosure at night. When we sleep in they pace up and down the fence cackling until we let them out.
Trouble arises with our new chooks (4), currently six weeks old– one of them is blind, and will need to be in the enclosure 24/7, unless she’s being supervised. I doubt she’ll have an issue with it, but I want to keep her with her sisters, and it’s unfair for them to be cooped up all the time.
So are there any chook breeds (preferably non-aggressive as well) that would be content to stay in the pen with her? It’s a well furnished pen, no different from outside, but our girls just love the freedom. Grass is greener on the other side, I guess.
*note that our mature hens will be separate from the blind one.
*I’m hoping that her sisters won’t be aggressive towards her when they’re all older (right now they are remarkably compassionate and helpful) but if they do turn on her, I’ll put them with the mature girls and get some silkies to keep the blind one company, as I’ve heard they’re not aggressive.

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