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    Do many of you understand about the I am not sure where this topic should have gone, but its scarey to me to need to pay taxes on my hens. And then there is the "rest of it".
    What are you thoughts? ( http;// ) [​IMG]

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    This is a hot button. Some people think the govt really is out to protect us. The proponents of NAIS, just who is in favor, will prove otherwise, IMO. Being under Homeland Security, it basically takes away your private property rights. They can come onto your place and seize your birds without testing or explanation or warrant if they deem it necessary.."necessary" being not such a definite thing. I am 100% against NAIS. We have programs in place already for everything it says its trying to do. Tell me how putting my name on a list does anything to eradicate disease. That premises number wont do a THING to protect anyone except Big AgriBiz if they think you are in competition with them OR you dont need them because you are self sufficient. Freedom is more important than erroneously perceived safety. Americans will understand that better than people in other countries.

    Walt's site,, is a great place to get all the latest on NAIS.
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    Quote:It is a hot spot, especially to the organics and myself. I had a rant this morning about being taxed on your animals etc with the Human Society. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate there are voices for cruelty to animals, yet what do you constitute cruelty? Killing a bird for food? Well, go on the NH Chickenstock. I plan on taking some flyers to this for awareness. I am not big on going into politics, but they have free pamphlets and people that are not aware, need to be. Thank you for your wise words.
    Now, this is in place in some states, I'd love to hear how you are doing with this policy!?
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    Jan 18, 2008
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    The government can't even figure out about the darn tainted tomatoes.....

    How are they going to track chickens, ducks, geese, cows, horses, goats, sheep, etc, etc..

    They also can't even track criminals and illegals. What are they thinking???????????[​IMG]
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    He who gives up liberty for safety deserves neither ~ Benjamin Franklin (thanks speckledhen)
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    Actually, Sonia, that was Benjamin Franklin who said that. VERY smart man, that Ben.
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    Most of the people I have met or talked to were totally against this.

    Yes, in a way, it is designed to "protect" the mass public. But, many diseases stem from the commercial farms which would get "exceptions" to many NAIS rules. NAIS favors the big commercial farms, and is probably going to make us backyard poultry keeper's lives a little more tough.

    I, myself, am against it. I think the goverment needs to watch those commercial farms more closely instead of bothering "the little people". After most of the time, the trouble comes from those large commercial farms and the government hasn't shown to be capable of taking care of them. Hence, all the disease, cruelty, and neglect that runs rampant through the commercial operations. Not all the commercial operations, but many of them.

    I think the government should prove that they can control those big commercial producers, where the masses get their food, before they start telling me what I "have" to do with each and every bird(animal really) I hatch, birth, or own.

    I think the government has bigger problems to worry about than those of us who choose to have and raise animals.

    LOL. That was "suppose" to be a small response, but it turned slighty "rant-ish". Sorry.


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    NO, NO, NO to the NAIS! *that's my opinion, and opinions are like noses: everybody has one (with VERY rare exceptions)
    edited to add the following reason for my outburst:

    As someone above me pointed out, the govt. hasn't done such a hot job with food safety thus far (or for that matter, for recent history). What about apples & Alar? ground beef? bologna and other lunch meats from that Chicago packing house mess? spinach? tomatoes? From what I have read concerning the NAIS, there is little it would do to improve overall food safety, and it would make a very oppressive atmosphere for the small independent farms or the hobbyist type farmer with just a handful of chickens or even a few pets. Mandatory registration of all animals of this type does not ensure the food safety of the public, but it does put a bull's eye on the addresses of those animal owners. If you don't believe it, ask any of the multiple hundreds of exotic bird owners (both those kept in outside aviaries AND those kept indoors) whose birds were taken and euthanized BY FORCE, WITHOUT TESTING during the latest END (exotic Newcastle disease) and PBFD outbreaks in the west, particularly California. When you KNOW your bird has not been exposed, when you have practiced EXTREME biosafety measures to protect your babies, and you watch helplessly as the "authorities" come in and forcibly remove them for death, you will have a good understanding of why so many pet owners choose to "fly under the radar" and not disclose what type of pets they have. I've seen and heard of it happening to too many people to be lulled to a state of complacency by the government telling us "it's for your own good". I appreciate my country and our government but I am not naive enough to believe that they know everything about what is best for me and my family. If asked, I'd have to say, "thanks, but no thanks" to the NAIS.
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    NAIS is just plain a bad excuse for our paternalistic "we know what you need better than you do" government to bullseye our properties. People who are away from cities are harder to control and more independant than people who are dependant on government for all their basic necessities.

    Personally, I don't like to be paranoid, but our busybody government grabbing for ever more power scares me.
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    Apr 19, 2008
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    Quote:My apologies. Still a good quote though.

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