nonbearded showgirl roo to a bearded silkie hen help please.

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  1. I am sure there is a thead on here already but I can not look around I found a Showgirl roo he is not bearded. Showgirls are also a fav of mine and I would hate to let him slip through my hands. I would put him the the coop/run with bearded silkies. Please tell me I can get beared showgirls from him? Sorry for probably posting a question that has already been answered, but I did not have time to search the boards but that is what I will be doing till I get a reply [​IMG]
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    I had a bearded showgirl hen before that I bought from peepsandbunnies. You might be able to get some eggs from her if she has any available. My son showed the hen at our local fair last year and she won a blue ribbon. Here's an old picture of her as a baby and all grown up:
  3. I have confirmed the purchase of the Showgirl roo. [​IMG] He is F-10 or 12. What color silkie should I put him with? paddock36 no bator till Chirstmas or I would jump on it. But what will you breed her back too? She is beautiful! [​IMG] She is a perfet example of my ultimate goal. I have wanted showgirls from the get and now I have one. Still getting the bator though, I want some of peepsandbunnies eggs. I have no knowledge of Showgirls as I was not expecting them till next year. But I will study up on the starting now. I have to go get my school books classes start in 6 hours. And I have been on the phone talking silkies and showgirls since 6 this morning. Any help is highly appreciated.
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    what color is your new roo ? then we will know what color hen you need
  5. Sorry he is white. I was so excited I forgot to post his color. Thanks for your help. My Silkies are blue, black and splash I am getting a few white tomorrow but they are only 2 to 4 wks but should be beautiful. I have white now but not the quality I would even consider putting with him. That is why I am buying more b/b and white. But after his quarantine I will put him with the older birds of the color you suggest. And eventually with the some of the new babies.
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  7. Ok so here are the pics I got today. So he is not perfect.


    Please let me have your honest opinion. This will be my first Showgirl but I have admired the breed for years. I do see a deep red showing though in the wattles. And the tail feathers are a bit stiff. And he could use more feathers on the chest. I can see in the 2nd pic that he appears to have feathers to the 3rd toe. Is this too much to expect for a first time Showgirl owner? I see her buff is pretty nice though. She says he is 5 months and is starting to crow. I am starting to have second thoughts. Should I just wait till I get a broody and put better quality eggs under her or wait on the bator. Oh no I so badly want a showgirl. Will this guy throw nice babies if put with some really nice silkies, and I think I have great silkies. Nicely feathers with amazing toe feathering, but could use some work on toe spacing.
    These are some of my babies
    Please let me know what I should do. Now I am so confussed. Paddock36 why don't you just let me come take that precious little one off your hands. I will kiss her, and hug her and love her forever! Can't hurt to try!
    Thanks for your time
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  9. not sure what is going onw/ dup post it never went through on my end
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    The crests on all of them need to be much bigger and fuller. I need a good side shot on all of them to see the type. I dont know if he will produce nice babies though =\\ Where did you get yours from? They seem decent in the pictures.

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