NONE of my birds are laying! :(


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Feb 25, 2011
What the heck am I doing wrong?

I have seven 19-week old birds (two RIR, three EE, one silkie who I think is a roo, and a bantie dark Brahma) and two who are... let's see... 27 weeks (yokohama and Buff Orp, I know they can be late layers.) Not a single egg yet. The younger ones integrated into the coop well with no issues after predators killed off all but two of my original birds.

They are all fed right now on grower feed, eat lots of bugs around the coop and run, watered regularly. We don't really give them treats very often, occasionally some corn (should we give them more?) We have been waiting to give them oyster shell because the lady at the feed store told us it wasn't needed until we got eggs, was she wrong?

Only other thing I can think of is that their coop is in a shady area. I heard this can affect egg production?

I need ideas... this project has been going on since February and I want some eggs, dangit
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I was under the impression that pullets don't start laying until between 5 and 6 months. I have several that were born in March and I've yet to get my first egg. Don't know about the older ones though. It can get really frustrating when you're anxious to get an egg routine down. Been there, done that. Now I figure, when they lay, they lay, when they don't, I buy eggs!
I always thought that EEs and RIRs were earlier laying breeds - but that makes me feel better!
I have 5 at 21 weeks and 3 days.... still waiting javascript:insert_text('
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Mine were hatched March 30 or 31. They just started laying a few days ago.
Last time I had chicks they waited till Dec. 33 and 35 weeks old. Guess it's kind of individual.
Look very carefully, I found 6 eggs when I first discovered them, from 1 or 2 layers. The small eggs were hard to see.

I think it depends....some of mine are much older before laying and some are right around 5 months...patience, they will lay soon
I have 2 buff orpingtons that started laying at 19 weeks. I thought the RIR's would start laying first because they have had bright red combs and waddles now for about 3 weeks. Still no eggs from them. I know how hard it was to wait!!!
My Production Red just started laying Sunday - 24 weeks...the other three, 1BR & 2 NH, are the same age and nothing from them....I think the high temps here in NC threw their schedule off. I'm just glad to finally be getting at least one egg a day!!
I have 10 chicks, 4 buff orps, 3 ply rocks, 3 rrrs. Mine finally started laying at about 21 weeks. I'm getting a min of 5 per day now and up to 8 one day. I suppose they lay when the mood strikes them. The first eggs were small and now they get larger every day. Still not quite commercial size... But getting there. It is exciting to hear that first egg song!

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