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11 Years
Aug 25, 2010
Springfield, MO
Hello all.

New to the forum...about 5 years new to chickens.

Recently moved from Colorado to Southern Missouri (about an hour due East of Springfield).

Started up our new farm flock in July. Hoping to build up to around 50 total free range birds by fall 2011. We had a good size dedicated coop area in our barn in CO, tried free range for a while, but kept losing them to predation so ended up with about a 20x20 completely fenced run. We initially lost 5 here, three from one of our dogs (he's been re-homed) and one to a neighbor's dog that followed the boy over when he came for a visit. So we're down to 14 total including three Guineas.

We had a shed out back that we weren't using, so I'm working to convert it to a coop / chicken tractor. Our coop / tractor and flock don't really fit the "back yard" category so much.

The coop is 8x12...and it's now mounted on an old hay wagon for transport / range relocation. Working great so far. I'll be building out and fitting it with some nesting boxes later today!

Here are some pics, I hope this embed will work...if not I'll hop back on the forum and post some individual pics: are links to the photo albums at least:
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from Ohio. What a great way to have a chicken tractor.

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