Norco, CA Rooster Ordinance

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    Oct 27, 2011
    I live in the city of Norco. I have visited this site for information in the past and decided to join to get the word out about the proposed changes that will be affecting the rooster owning community in Norco, CA.

    The current city oridance allows for the property owner to have 13 crowing roosters (dubbed) on a 1/2 acre lot and 63 crowing roosters on an acre.

    The new amendment calls for 1 rooster on a property 10 thousand square feet. 3 roosters on a 20 thousand square foot property. 6 roosters on a 40 thousand square foot property. There will also be a conditional use premit that people would have to apply for in order to own more than the said amount. One that would have to be approved by your neighbors and the planning committee.

    Here is the link for the first article ... tory277246

    Here is the link to follow up article ... passed.ece

    Here is the link to all the city council members. This page has their emails and phone numbers. If you could please contact them to let them know that you oppose the passing of this amendment.

    I am asking that you help the chicken community of Norco by joining in a calling campaign and let the city council members know that you oppose the new ordiance that was passed by the planning committee.

    I know there are residents of Norco who post on this board. Please let your voices be heard. This affects us all who live here in this city.

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