Norlina, NC: Lavender Orpington and Lavender/Sapphire Gem cross roosters available


May 14, 2019
Norlina, NC
I have 7 roosters, but for now I want to rehome/sell these three first.

1 year old Lavender Orpington roo, named Philip. His girl was killed by an owl the day before Christmas so he has been a little lonely in the flock. He is a sweet boy in need of hens of his own. He is getting picked on by his brothers. $15 or best offer. Willing to trade.

10 month old Lavender Orpington and Sapphire Gem cross roo, BBQ. Pretty coloring. Does his own thing in the flock, since he is neither the top roo or bottom bird in the pecking order. $15 or best offer. Willing to trade.


10 month old Lavender Orpington roo, Nugget. He is a stalker and has started becoming aggressive. He is the lowest chicken in the pecking order. I am unsure if that is the reason for his aggression or if it is hereditary from his father, Rahn. Nugget and Rahn are the only two aggressive roosters in all 7 boys. $10 or best offer. Willing to trade.

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