Normal acting hen with diarrhea

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    Sep 19, 2010
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    I have one hen that has had diarrhea for quite sometime now. It is like the feed went in, got mashed and mixed with the water, and came out. She is laying, eating, and drinking just fine. Shows no other signs of being ill. I will get a pic of the poo if that is helpful. I looked at the poo link that is commonly listed under diarrhea or poo questions on here but it isn't shown in those pictures. I have tried some probios but that hasn't seemed to help. It isn't hot here so I don't think it is being caused by her drinking too much. Anyone have any ideas? I thought I would try doing a fecal on her but her poo is so runny I think I would have to follow behind her with a cup to catch some. [​IMG]

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