?Normal For Rooster To Have BIG Beak OVER BITE?

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    Lil Roo is about 5 months old and I noticed that he has a big over bite. }}meaning that when you look at him from the side his top part of his beak is side ways over the bottom part of his beak.}}}A side over bite. Why is this? Haven't seen this on the others. He eats and drinks and seems to be just fine. Do I need to be concerned about this over bite? Thanks, ~Julie~
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    Sounds like he isn't getting around enough. How big of an area is he able to roam? Is there any wood, rocks, concrete, etc for him to wipe or peck his beak at to keep it trim?
  3. 1234duck

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    It's a good sized area that 6 chickens roam. There's dirt, gravel, many small patches of grassy weeds, small & medium sized flat rocks and a walnut tree in their fenced in area. Along with their drinking water and their feed(Flock Raiser). Plus I sometimes give them grated veggies, fruit & bread. Thanks, ~Julie~
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    You can try putting a rough concrete block or brick in the run. They will use it to clean their beaks after they eat so keeping it near there food and water is a good idea. [​IMG]

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