Normal or not normal poop?


Nov 30, 2021
I have three 7 week 4 day old chicks. They have been on medicated chick feed and chick grit. Seldomly they will get a couple mealworms. We have been feeding and caring for them based on the directions the hatchery have us.

Anyways, we have moved them to our garage so they would have more space and to try and begin acclimating them to the cold outdoor temps. We are on Wisconsin and it had started getting pretty cold.

All chicks are still eating and drinking fine as well as moving/acting normally but I've noticed twice now this watery whitish stool since moving them to the garage. There is solid brown there as well. I don't know which chick is doing this. I'm thinking it is just one of them since there isn't yet a lot of this in their run. I've read that it can be a bacterial infection or one of them is drinking too much water or even too much mealworms/protein. I did give them some mealworms when introducing them to their coop to encourage them.

What do you all think is going on?


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They don't need grit unless they are getting treats such as seeds and grains. I start my chicks off on medicated feed. When they are two months old I switch them over to Flock Raiser/All Flock. The white in the poop is their pee. It does look a bit watery. Good luck...


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I would watch their behavior. If they are active, eating and drinking, there probably is nothing to worry about. Chicks do not yet need grit when eating chicken feed, but add it when they are out on grass, or getting foods other than chick feed.

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