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    I was going to quote someone, then noticed that I couldn't. Then I noticed that it wasn't in the Hatching forum any more...
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    What's the direct link to the thread? It might have been moved by accident with the spam cleanup. Maybe @TwoCrows might know?
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    I can get there. Just no quote button is there.
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    Spam clean up is/was just crazy. Sometimes good threads get picked up while moving them to the BST archives. I found a couple more good threads that were moved in the night by someone. I am keeping my eyes open for more! [​IMG]
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    I found and moved this thread back to the hatching section.

    Apologies to everyone for the chaos, we got hit by a flood of spam from yesterday through to today and the Incubating and Hatching forum section got hit very badly. We're working on getting everything restored back to normal.
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