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    I'm in Bear Creek, NC. My 9yr old twins started this chicken thing last year, and guess who ran with it! I've been building a coop for about 6 months, When I have the stuff. I go to my local farmers market and sell eggs and baked goods. This year I'll be doing pony rides to if I can borrow a small horse trailer. We ride our ponies and raise a few Boston Terriers and do gobs of crafts, paint, quilt and do whatever makes getting groceries easier.. We've rescued ponies, horses, fawns and even a pig or two. I don't know everything and I'm open to learning more. I want to be sure I guess that i do the chicken thing right as well as other stuff. We just moved to Bear Creek last year and it's been a tough one. We had 60+ chickens when we moved here but thanks to the coyotes we have just 9 birds left. of course they live in a coop called Fort Knox now. I'm working on a bigger coop and run for them so they can be out safely. I just joined BYC 3 months ago and it's been really great! So who's in NC or SC? We live in a beautiful place but not much company here so I'm looking forward to more folks to yap at!!! Susie Q [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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    Eggselent! See you there! Susie Q

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