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    My first experience with BYC began after my SIL incubated six in her classroom and needed a home to raise the chicks. I was so looking forward to fresh eggs. LOL turns out they were all Rooster! I later heard that the temperature of incubation determines the sex??? Is that right?

    Anyway many years later, we my brother, SIL, husband and I are expecting 25 plus chicks February 21st! This time I ordered 10 pullets and one rooster. My bro wanted to know if I knew that I picked out a noisy breed - a light brown leghorn. I laughed and said I didn't think one could be noisier than the six I had years ago. I am soo eggcited to be venturing in to raising chickens. I very much like the website/forum and all the great ideas and information I have been learning.

    Thanks BYC community.
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    From Maryland

    [​IMG] love the story. I had a friend in the same situation. was waiting for eggs waiting for eggs. but ALL roosters.

    Glad to see you all venturing into chickens again. They are sooooo much fun and entertaining. They can be very personable and I've never had a critter that seemed more appreciative of my care and company.


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