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    North Fayette considers regulation on farm animals
    Wednesday, May 11, 2011
    By Andrea Iglar

    North Fayette officials on Tuesday night discussed the possibility of prohibiting farm animals in some residential areas.

    Development director Brian Temple said the township needs an ordinance that specifically limits goats, pigs, fowl and other livestock in the denser neighborhoods.

    "We're getting more and more people that want to have pet ducks and chickens," Mr. Temple said.

    Supervisor John Meyers suggested the ordinance should prohibit outdoor farm animals on properties smaller than 5 acres or 10 acres.

    He said an indoor animal doesn't pose the same problem.

    "If it's in the house, it's not a stink, it's not a distraction," Mr. Meyers said. "When [the roosters] crow in the morning, [the homeowners] are the only ones that are going to hear them."
    Andrea Iglar, freelance writer: [email protected].

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