North Florida County Fair--Dirty Birds/Fowl Pox HELP!

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  1. crystal1957

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    Jun 24, 2009
    Hey everyone. Need your help and advice. Entered a couple of birds this year in the county fair like I usually do. When I came back the day after the judges made their rulings, I was told by the chairperson that there had been some problems with dirty birds.

    She told me that the 4H birds (17 of them) had fowl pox but were okayed last week by the NPIP rep in Tallahassee. They had no more external sores. She also told me that they called in a VET during the fair to check on all the birds. She said that the vet didn't check anyone's throat for wet pox either. It gets better...

    There were several birds with black crusty wattles, not all of whom were roosters...didn't look good...

    She also said that these 4H birds were full of mites and everytime she does the water and feed in their cages the bugs jump on her. She said she pulled some from her own neck...

    She said she was told just to separate these sick birds by four or five empty as not to bother all the other birds, including my own. And the vet said that should be fine.

    I AM SICK ABOUT ALL OF THIS--I want to go tomorrow and pull my birds from the show... I have earned some blue ribbons, plus a small cash prize. My signed agreement says have to leave the birds there all week until Sunday...

    Can they legally withhold my ribbons and cash prize if they are at fault, putting my birds and other birds at risk? I wonder if a vet could be so sure of everything...

    When I went last night to look at my rooster, he was gasping for air, with his back, like he had something stuck in his throat. He did it about 4 or 5 times.

    Can anyone give me some great advice and reassure me please?
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