North Florida South Georgia poultry, small animal, & supply swap meet!!!!!!!

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    Nov 11, 2010
    Hey guys, a friend and I have decided we are going to hold a swap meet for all of our fellow animal lovers!!! It will be Saturday, June 29th from 10-3. It will be for poultry, small animals, and supplies. Message me for details, it will be in LIVE OAK, FLORIDA!!! It will be held at my friends farm so ONLY HEALTHY ANIMALS PLEASE!!! Please in comments below state what you will be bringing, looking for, or swapping. So clean out those brooders and barns and come on down!!! My friends farm address is 15318 76th street Live Oak, Florida 32060. Tell all your friends and mark it on all the calendars!!! My phone number is 904-826-7272 and hers is 386-362-6652 Have a great day!!!

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