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    Okay, So I was trying to look around for local laws concerning keeping chickens here, and really couldn't find much. I was wondering if anyone knew about the local laws here, before I have to try and find out from the city hall or whatever. So I'm in North Highlands, which is in the county of Sacramento but not within the city limits if I'm correct. I'm really kinda confused about the zoning actually. :/ So I was kinda hoping someone could clear that up for me. Or just a link to some info would be great too!
    Thanks to everyone in advance. :)
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    May 10, 2011
    Dear Chicken Person In North Highlands: The current Sac County chicken codes are about to change. First let me tell you that if you live in an apartment or duplex you are not allowed to keep chickens period. Here is the latest chicken poop . Sorry for the length of this post.

    Hi all: Please see Sacramento County Chicken Owners and Sacramento County Chickens threads regarding previous posts.
    We have been doing everything we possibly can to get the word out and conjure up some participation on this issue. Here is where we stand now:
    This may be your last chance to stop the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors from passing an amendment to the zoning code that will place a ban on all crowing fowl on all residentially zoned properties in unincorporated areas. (Folsom, Citrus Heights, City of Sacramento and Rancho Cordova are their own cities and have their own laws.) The Board of Supervisors met to vote on this amendment July 22, 2015. Essentially this code change will make it illegal to keep any roosters or other male gendered guinea fowl, ducks, geese or peacocks regardless of your residential property size. The allowances for hens will remain the same (10,000 square feet or more property size). There was also some talk during the meeting of possibly changing the allowances for keeping crowing fowl on some AR designated properties as well. Thanks to Don Nottoli, we were granted more time to organize and be heard. They will bring this to vote again on or before October 30, 2015.
    I urge you and any other crowing fowl owners to please contact all five supervisors individually and request a "no" vote. They may ask you why you are calling outside of your own district. The answer is simple, each of their votes carries weight for decisions made for the entire county, not just within your district. Banned chickens may be transported from a neighboring district and dumped into yours. Chicken dumping is cruel causes damage to public and private property. Because they are a non-native species, chickens upset the delicate balance of wilderness ecosystems and pose a real threat to the spread diseases to both private and wild bird flocks.
    We still have a chance to keep this vote from passing. If at all possible, please attend any meeting with any reference to "crowing fowl" on the agenda and fill out a speaker form. They are supposed to post the agenda and when/if a meeting is to be held 72 hours in advance. Find out what will be on the agenda for both Tuesday and Wednesday meetings in Sept and Oct. This month's 2:00 PM Wed meeting was canceled, but it was not posted on the Sac County site. You may have to call.
    Please, we need your all of your voices to ring out loud and proud. We really want to keep our male fowl and prevent a countywide dumping of roosters. Few shelters accept roosters because most are already full. The County Animal Shelter will only take "stray" chickens. I know this because I called every shelter and sanctuary in the area this morning. The supervisors did not factor into their planning humane locations where folks can relinquish their fowl. Chairman Serna suggested that they might waive the $50 turn-in fee at the County Animal Shelter on Bradshaw- whose staff told me they currently do not accept "owned roosters". If the County prohibits folks with large properties from keeping roosters, then who will be able to adopt them from shelters or take in strays? You can look up this meeting on their website at

    Here is a snapshot of the outcome of the July 22, 2015 meeting:

    5:10 PM Board Action: Phil Serna/ Susan Peters - Approved recommendations by staff, as amended and directed staff return to the Board prior to October 30, 2015 to address the Crowing Fowl.

    AYES: Patrick Kennedy, Roberta MacGlashan, Susan Peters, Phil Serna
    NOES: Don Nottoli
    ABSTAIN: (None)
    ABSENT: (None)
    RECUSAL: (None)
    (PER POLITICAL REFORM ACT (§ 18702.5.))
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    May 10, 2011

    Once this zoning change becomes finalized, it isn't going to be easy to get our property rights returned. If you zoned (AR), Ag Residential, you may not be as safe from this ban as you think. Roberta MacGlashan the District 4 Supervisor, (see map: was talking about applying the ban to your residential zoning category as well. And what other animals or livestock are they going to ban next? Also, please note that other zoning changes were voted on regarding pens, coops, fences, walls, etc.

    The Sacto County Supervisors want to see an angry hoard (so to speak) as Serna hinted at during the July 22nd meeting. Don't give up your male fowl or your property rights! We are asking anyone interested in attending a planning meeting to send me a private message. Please include your zip code and dates/times you are available and we'll figure out a location/date/time that fits everyone's needs as best we can.

    The Supervisors will revisit the crowing fowl section of their zoning amendments “tentatively” on:
    Wednesday October 28, 2015, 2:30 PM to 6:00 PM, Board Chambers, 700 H Street, 1st floor, in Suite 1450, Sacramento, CA 95814.

    Contact: Kevin Romo, 916-874-8178 to confirm meeting agenda, date/time.

    Call, write, email, tweet or Facebook all five Supervisors and tell them
    what you think.

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