Northeast VERMONT farmer's market and chicken swaps 2010


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Well, I think I have finally got the dates for the remainder to the season here in NE Vermont for the swap meets..................
Great turnout at the last one!

All of these are at the Tractor Supply Company in DERBY, VT from 10-2

JULY 18th
August 15th
Sept 12th
Oct 10th

Our other ones have been on Saturdays, but I had a request for Sundays. I hope that works well for everyone and hope to see everyone there!
Just wanted to remind everyone of the upcoming swaps in Derby, Vermont at the Tractor Supply! Would LOVE to see more birds here ppl! The next one will be held on JULY 18th from 10-2. Any questions or to receive a flyer by email or snail mail, just email me with your information. There is NO FEES for this event, but donations are always welcome for the advertising and snail mail costs! THANKS to everyone!


I am looking for Nankins, Blue Laced Red Wyandottes (prefer bantam), Appenzeller Spitzhaubens and BANTAM barred rocks. I hope to have a few Silkies for sale & some Barred Rock (LF) cockerels (about 2 months old) friendly and helpful with the bugs!

I am thinking of bringing my 5 Spitzhauben pulllets and some of my Nankins to the swap to show them off.(won't be for sale until next year probably)'s amazing how many people have no idea that there are more than just those meat chickens!
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Just a reminder that tomorrow, JULY 18th, there is the monthly swap at the Tractor Supply in Derby, VT.
HOpe to see LOTS more birds there! I will be bringing my Nankins and Spitzhaubens, not to sell, but to educate. I found that many people have no idea of chickens outside of the meat birds and the regular breeds. I will have some BR boys for sale.


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