Northern Fowl Mites driving me crazy!

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    May 2, 2016
    My chickens have been suffering with northern fowl mites since February. I have tried a couple of different things, but they never seem to go away! They are driving me absolutely crazy. What I've been able to do is basically control the infestation, but I can't get rid of it.

    I've tried giving each hen a bath with a flea shampoo containing permethrin, I've added DE to the coop and their dust bath and I've also tried giving them all an oral dose of ivermectin.

    I have heard that Elector PSP is the best; however, I can't seem to find it in Canada, and won't ship it across the border. Anyone know how I can get some?

    The plan is to give the coop a good Spring cleaning this weekend and I'm hoping I'll be able to give them all another treatment. Any help is appreciated!
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    I use essential oils along with a thing called something?...I use center wood couple drops and rub it in along with dust their bottoms with the dust.I used to bathe every thing but....after 2 hours and only bathed 6 hens....ya try dusting de on their bottums.
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    Permethrin spray works very well! On the birds while they roost, and the coop everywhere. It's easy, inexpensive, and safe. Spinosad works fine too, but is very $$$$. Mary
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    Can you find and pesticides containing spinosad (active ingredient in Elector PSP). If so, let me know what they are and I'll calculate the dilution for you.

    You can also try permethrin.
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