Northern fowl mites??

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    Good Morning,
    I just lost one of my chickens this morning and not sure if it is Northern fowl mites. I have a total of 10 chickens left. I think that one of them is getting the same symptoms as my Lifesaver (chicken). My lifesaver had not laid any eggs in a week and then stayed in one place. I would go and feed her and give her water. She drank the water and ate very little food. I picked her up and then she started to breath weird. I could hear stuff in her lungs. Then she died two days later, which is today. I don't want the other ones to die, so I got some of that poultry powder and put that in there coop every where and on them. They all seem to be doing good so far. Does that sound like it could be from Nothern fowl mites or what would it be? Any ideas on or if I'm doing the right thing? If it is mites how long till there all gone?
    Thank you
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    Er, are there any particular reasons you suspect mites rather than anything else? For one thing, did she have a large amount of mites on her? Blow into the feathers to part them and look Real Quick for dark specks about the size of flecks of black pepper crawling around on the skin. They will scurry away fairly quickly so look fast.

    There are about a zillion things that it sounds like your hen's problem could have been -- respiratory disease, being eggbound or internal laying, etc -- but to me mites would not be at the top of the list unless (perhaps) you already know they DO have a whole big lot of 'em.

    (edited to add: you will get a *lot* more responses if you ask in the relevant forum, this would go under "Emergencies/Diseases/Injuries and Cures", not a criticism, just meant as a hint for better results in future [​IMG])


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    I'm not for sure red mites could be blamed. My chickens have had them from tainted straw brought in. Yes, they itched and lost a few feathers, but they stayed healthy until I had the whole problem under control. Their egg laying never even suffered. I'd research it a bit more. Good luck.

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