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Sep 24, 2013
this is my lovely girl Matilda , she is just at point of lay , I've no idea what breed /type of hen she is can anyone tell me . Many thanks x
Im not sure but in the first 2 pictures the chicken seems to have long pointy hackle feathers around the neck. But I might be wrong. When the chicken has tail feathers what does the tail look like?
The tail feathers are very long and pointy . The feathers around her neck are amazing soft fine feathers but she is getting so many more grey feathers down the back now . They are also the same as the neck feathers . The ones on the back hav just started to grow and really fast . She has different feet to the rest of the girls
Is there any certain behaviours of a rooster as Matilda seems very pleasant , infact the most pleasant of the four of them :)
All roosters are different so you cant always go by behavior. Body shape makes me want to say hen but the hackles and the very splotchy color make me think rooster. How old is it?

I hope someone else can give some info on it. Because I could be wrong and turning this thread into gender id when you were looking for breed id.
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