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Northern Maine- PU only, BLRW,cochin & mix chicks SPRING 2009

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Auction - Archives' started by howlingwoodsfarm, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. Just tossing this out there since some of us start to plan their spring chicks over the long maine winters. We currently have 60 or so chickens, most hatched april-june this year who we will be hatching eggs from this up coming spring. Baring any disaster we will have pure Blue Laced Red Wyandottes,& Blue/Black/Splash cochins for sale $4 each unsexed as day olds in spring 2009.

    Also available(and surprisingly popular) is the barnyard mix chicks.
    They will be $2 each unsexed as day olds. We have the following breeds which will make up the mixed flock.

    Rooster-White crested black polish
    Rooster-BLRW, may also have a cochin roo in this flock

    Hens- Delaware, NH reds, Sex links(red and black), white leghorns, salmon faverolles, Buff orpington, silver laced wyandotte, welsummer, EE, a few banty mutts

    They will be PU only in Dover-foxcroft(might be able to meet in bangor, but we only go down there once every 6 weeks).
    We will probably start hatching late april/early may.
    Let us know if you might be interested so we can get you on the list early..

    Troy & Heather
    Howling Woods Farm
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  2. if anyone is interested in these chicks please PM us in addition to posting on this thread.

    Troy & Heather
  3. bumping this up since its getting closer to chick season and still taking orders...
  4. First mix breed chicks due to hatch just before easter then every few weeks till end of summer. BLRW and the blue/black/splash cochins will be available once we can separate breeds and guarantee pure lines.. so probably end of may. Get on the list now so we can plan accordingly to guarantee we'll have what you want when you want it.

    Mix chicks-$2.00 each
    BLRW, Cochins-$4.00

    Troy& Heather
    Howling Woods Farm
    Dover-Foxcroft ME

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