Northern NJ Ordinances?? Specifically, Vernon Township (Sussex County)...


6 Years
Sep 22, 2013
We currently live on less than .25 acre in West Milford, NJ (Passaic County). At this time there are no ordinances that allow raising hens on less than an acre of land, but they're working on getting this changed so that you can have a max of 6 hens on less than an acre. This will be fabulous when this passes, because I'll then be legal to keep chickens... however, we are thinking about moving to Vernon, NJ and between both my husband and I, we haven't been able to find anything online in the past hour of searching.

Does anyone have any info on what the laws are in Sussex county NJ, Vernon specifically, about keeping chickens?

Thanks in advance for any and all help! :)
Check the Vernon zoning website;

You should be able to find something here...

As a last resort, I would recommend calling them. Sussex County is farm country, especially the lesser inhabited areas, such as Vernon, so I would expect that you should be allowed to raise animals on your property. The denser populated areas like the lake communities might be an issue, but that may be due to community restrictions/bylaws and such...

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