Northern NY Chickenstock: June 25th 2011 aka "Lovinstock"

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    Heuvelton, NY
    Updated 6/13/11

    EVENT ADDRESS 1200 State Highway 184, Heuvelton, NY 13654 MY PHONE! 315-869-1131. Please call to reserve a spot if selling. Each person selling will be charged $5 to help cover the expense of the event. Everyone else has free entry.

    So, here's the semi official post, well as official as I'm capable of being [​IMG] Anyway, and so begins the planning for the Northern NY (Northeast regional) chickenstock of 2011. As many of you know I volunteered to do it this year on my new farm in Heuvelton NY in the historic Thousand Islands region of Northern NY. I am way up here in Amish country, but hotels and B&B's are available. At this point I will have some alternate housing for peoples birds, but PLEASE keep in mind they will NOT BE behind closed doors. I don't have my morton building yet. If this changes between now and the event I will make everyone aware. This event will go on rain or shine! So, if it rains bring your muck boots ans prepare to get muddy and have some fun [​IMG]

    I will need as much help as possible and will be seeking sponsors for the raffle as is the usual custom. Any donations to the auction would be greatly appreciated.

    This is a one day event but will be held on a Saturday instead of a Sunday. Hope you can attend!
    I'm going to start listing housing possibilities. There are more I'm sure but it will depend on if you want Hotel or Camping or B&B..

    ATTENTION: I do not mean this to sound offensive, snarky or rude. I am asking this out of respect for everyone attending and the health and safety of their flocks. PLEASE DO NOT BRING ANY BIRDS WHO APPEAR TO BE SICK. I have the right to deny you entrance to my farm on threat of bio-security to the other animals present on the farm. If you bring ill, poorly attended birds I may ask you to leave regardless of how far you have driven. - Thank-you.

    Raffle Item Donations:

    Tractor Supply- Potsdam NY- Feeders and Waterers
    Tractor Supply- Ogdensburg NY
    Couglers Feed- Heuvelton NY
    My Pet Chicken! They have given me a case of seeds for chicken greens to make chicken gardens and other assorted goodies
    The regional feed supplier is contacting me this week with feed donations and lots of great coupons for major names like Layena.
    Afghan (the throw, not the dog)- AcidChipmunk
    Nesting Boxes- Sonew123
    Fish Sculpture- These are done by brindlebtch and her husband and are phenomenal!!! Check around page 120 of this post to see pics.

    There is more incredible stuff, and I've lost track!!

    T-shirts are available by order through admhotel

    Items being brought or donated

    Port-O John- Sonew123 and MrSonew

    plates, napkins, forks, cups

    tater salad
    macaroni salad
    crab pasta - Tiramisu
    pasta salad - Tab's co
    veggie plate - meepitqueeniw
    possible green salad - Tab's co

    dessert of some kind - meepitqueenie
    pudding - Tiramisu

    drinks - Jerseygirl1
    2 cases Arizona tea - Tiramisu
    Coffee maker and coffee stuff

    Local Lakeside Accomodations, this link will lead you to all of the places available on the beautiful Black Lake that's 10 minutes from my house. AWESOME FISHING!!!

    Local Hotels:

    Quality Inn Grand View-
    6765 State Hwy. 37,
    Ogdensburg, NY 13669
    Phone: (315) 393-4550
    Fax: (315) 393-3520
    Toll Free: 1-800-392-4550

    Stone Fence Resort **** This would be my pick, they even have jacuzzi rooms! RIGHT ON the St. Lawrence River.
    7191 State Highway 37
    Ogdensburg, NY 13669
    This is about a 10-15 minute drive from my place.

    The Windjammer Lodge
    5843A State Highway 37
    Ogdensburg, NY • 315-393-6300
    Reservations 315-393-6300

    Comfort Suites (about 25 minutes away)
    6000 US 11
    Canton, NY, US, 13617
    This one is a 25=30 minute drive but very nice. Canton has a lot of decent restaurants as it's a college town.

    Best Western Canton NY (about 25 minutes away)
    90 East Main Street, Canton
    (315) 386-8522
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    Woo-hoo! Count me in! [​IMG]
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    Mar 29, 2010
    Me, me ME!!! Count me in!!! [​IMG]

    I WILL BE DOING THE EGG AUCTION!!!!! Please PM me with your info, how many eggs, and what breed/type. Thanks!!!! I'll post a running tally every week until Lovinstock so people know what will be there!
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    Hmmm.....must convince parents.......

  5. awesomefowl

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    DARN! You are almost 4 hours away! [​IMG]
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    Quote:Girl, you need to convince your parents to take you up there. This will be #3 for us and the last two were a BLAST! Plus you'll get to put some faces to names and make some new friends.
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    Im In hunny

    I've got the tickets for the raffles and will sell the tickets
    I have flyers for chicken health and how to properly care for chickens
    I will donate 2-3 doz eggs for the raffle too

    Folks for those of you not familiar with the egg auction it works like this

    People donate fertile hatching eggs( any kind)
    and we donate half or all of the proceeds raised to Lovins to help cover costs to hold this event
    For anyone who wants to donate pm me please and I will begin a list for her and keep track of it all

    theres more to come.. [​IMG]

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    As is tradition... I'll be covering the lunch/bbq. I have a few ideas and some tricks up my sleeve related to this. Need to see what strings I can pull. I'd like to add that dishes to pass are ALWAYS welcome.

    I also would like to encourage any of you that are crafters to bring your wares to sell. I'd like to make this a chicken swap/meet as well as a bit of a farmers market. Some of my local Amish neighbors are invited and I hope they will bring baskets and their other wares.
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    I'm in too!!! [​IMG]

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