Northern Virginia "Chicken Stock" Clearbrook, VA

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    It is that time of the year again to start thinking of "Stocking Up" for all of your poultry needs !

    CHICKENSTOCK is back!!!!! March 16, 2013. 8:00-12:00. This event is in conjunction with a "Chick Seminar" presented by Julie Ellison, with Purina Animal Nutrition. The seminar will be in the store form 10:30-11:30 and will cover the basic management and nutrition of chicks. Chickenstock is a buy/sell/trade event and is FREE to set up or attend. Vendors should arrive early to set up and be ready to sell by 8 am. All out of state vendors must have a negative test for Pullorum (within 30 days) and Avian Influenza (within 14 days) present. Any poultry or farm related items are welcome. Come on out and enjoy the sights and sounds of the farm!

    Clearbrook Feed and Supply
    115 Hopewell Lane
    Clearbrook, VA 22624
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    Do you have a listing of what birds will be coming?

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