Northh San Diego County duck eggs wanted - cheap cheap


8 Years
Jul 24, 2011
Vista, CA
"think" I have a broody muscovy. She has been sitting without a clutch for 2 days now. Gave her some orchard and she made a pretty nest. All the signs are there, just no eggs! Looking for VERY inexpensive eggs since I can't be 100% sure she is broody, but after 15 years experience with these ducks, she has every single sign is there, just no eggs!!
If you aren't picky about the breed, I can send you some mixed duck eggs. I get $.75 each. Shipping is usually $15 per box (I can safely package 10 in a box).
Out of the ones I hatched, I got mostly pure khaki campbell, a few swedish/campbell crosses, and some rouens. I now have many more ducks all penned together until I separate them by breed this winter.
The breeds I have are pekin, khaki campbell, welsh harlequin, fawn and white runner, rouen, buff, cayuga, black swedish, and blue swedish crested. I have drakes and hens of every breed, so you may get pure birds or mixed!

Let me know if you are interested. You can PM me to sort out the details.
She got up
False alarm but thank you for the suggestions. Leary - I'll probably be pming you favorite is Khaki and I miss Earetta and Earl Lee Campbell, my former pair.

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