Northwestern PA Poultry Demo & Education 07-04-09

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    On Saturday July 4, 2009 in Albion, Pennsylvania there will be a festival of country living skills and livestock education at the Albion Fairgrounds. This will be the third annual event, last year was a whole lot bigger than the first one. Anyone out there who would be interested in conducting informational or educational activities would be welcome. There are vendor spots too, but my concern is the poultry end of it. Last year the poultry person couldn't keep her commitment at THE last minute and I got to do it half kiester on a wing and a prayer. Anyone who would like to present would be most welcome. I spent hours alone answering questions, questions, questions. It is an excellent opportunity to get your share of free advertising [​IMG] Any takers out there??
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    Jan 31, 2009
    Northwestern PA
    Is Albion near Erie? I am about 90 mile southeast of Erie.
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    Quote:Yes Albion is about twenty minutes drive west of downtown Erie.

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