Nose bleed and change in personality - 10 wk old Maran


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Oct 15, 2012
Northern CA
Hello all! I'm looking for some advice.

My 10 wk old Maran pullet has had a weird little personality shift recently. for about week now she's been moping around and not acting herself. When i hang treats like broccoli and swiss chard from the up above in her living area she doesn't bother to even touch it - she used to be pecking at it and loving it before I even had it hung up properly!

Our birds are still young - got them in around 8 weeks ago. the Maran is the oldest - so i'm guessing around 10 weeks. We haven't gotten our coop ready yet but we'll be building it soon. I thought maybe she just felt cramped and wanted more space but even when we bring them outside to play she still is less excited about life than she's been in the past. She barely even perches anymore. Today I was hanging out with her and the rest of the flock outside and I notices her left nostril looked a tiny bit bloody. I did see her scratching her face with her foot so maybe she was too rough. I did a little body inspection of her today and that's all I've been able to see physically different than normal. She's the biggest in the flock and I haven't noticed anymore bullying her.... any advice on what has happened to change her little mood and or cause this little nose issue?

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