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    I have a neighbor's goats that are coming over onto my property. The goats have hurt some of my chickens by stepping on thier feet but they are fine now. The other problem I am having with the same goats is they are eating the bark off of my trees in my backyard and also helping themselves to chicken feed and bread left out for my girls and boys anybody have an idea about what to do. I have talked with the young lady and she doesn't believe that her goats (sheep) are continuing to get out.

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    I would take pics of the goats to prove they are getting on your property and eating the tree bark ect. Since you told her already and she didn't believe you, this time I would add if my trees die it will cost you alot of money to replace them with simalar type and size of my trees. So I would make sure you keep them penned better from now on. If it continues to happen call animal control and file a complaint.
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    Goat BBQ...[​IMG]
  4. Great suggestion on the caught in action photo opp!

    Here is my vent - First, I am sorry you are dealing with this but here goes. If you were to live in a community in which all accepted the fact that animals and property are a utopia that is one thing but this really comes down to responsibility and respect.

    For example I live in a small neighbor, with homes fairly close together and have two dogs - one dog is always on a leash b/c she is easily distracted and extremely friendly. The second can be off leash most of the time, however, it is my responsibility to keep my dogs safe and my neighbors safe.

    In the case of livestock, such as this it is the owners responsibility to respect your property - as in any livestock, flock and physical property. Tact and the physical proof are a "neighborly" way to deal with this.

    If this person is in need help - maybe offer to help her build a pen from materials she buys or stake outs for the goats. It is a nice offering, in a non-threatening way to address the situation.
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    I agree with Willowcol, take pictures of them in the act, make copies and give them to her. After she is given the pictures, let her know that she will be held responsible for replacing any of the trees that die. Also let her know that if any of your chickens are hurt or killed by her goats that she will be responsible for replacing them plus any other costs involved.

    Notify Animal Control that you have some livestock on your property that aren't yours causing damage. Just because someone lives in a rural area does not give them the right to have livestock run loose all over the countryside and do damage to other peoples property. They should come out and pick up the goats and impound them until the owner claims them.

    Get some chicken wire, make a frame and place it around the tree trunks to protect them from the goats in the meantime.

    Get a good farm dog that will protect your stock and drive (not kill) the strays away.

    If all else fails, goat barbecue!
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    Yes! Take pictures and get some evidence!! Watch out for your trees because my goats do that to the trees in thier pen and the they end up dying!! I think its called "banding" a tree. Goats are notorious for that and yes if your tree is small/medium size they can kill it.
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    Not my goat huh?
    Well, I had a neighbor whose dog kept coming over and killing my chickens and every time I talked to her she would say "Oh, it can't be Arfy, he never leaves home. blah blah blah"

    So one time I'm talking to her and she starts telling me "Oh, it can't be Arfy..."
    And I interupted " Good, I'm glad to hear that. Then you won't mind me shooting the dog that IS killing my chickens."

    "Well, uh, I can't see Arfy all the time. I don't what he does every minute..."

    "Keep your dog at home"

    And I turned around and left.

    I never saw Arfy in my yard again.

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