Not a diaper exactly; actually: panties

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    Pep my Barred Rock has few backside feathers and a very red rear end. She has made 2 $$visits to the Colorado Vet Hospital, where they found zero wrong internally. The vets Rx'd Carprofen, which was a lot of trouble to administer and produced no positive results. I have used Vetericyn, Pick No-More, and Hen Healer. The blue lotion and creme products never covered up the red. Altho I never saw another hen pecking Pep, that red rash had to come from someone pecking.

    Pep cried and went on a hunger strike when I put her in a cage away from the other hens.
    I saw on line that someone made a diaper from small panties. I don't know anyone who uses small panties and don't want to buy 13 ugly ones in a pack at Target.

    Is there a chicken panty pattern out there? (I can also knit.)

    Just recently someone suggested using Max Factor cosmetic make up to cover up the redness. That, at least, covers better than the blue products.

    I'd still like the panty pattern.
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    I apologize, I can't help with knitting patterns for something to cover her up, but maybe we can figure out what the underlying cause of the feather loss is.

    In feather loss cases, my first question is usually if you've treated for lice or mites lately. With mites, you might not even see them on the bird, since they live in the coop and only come out to feed on the birds at night when they're roosting.
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    Can you post some photos of Pep, her poop and her red rear end?
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    Since you havnt observed feather picking and whether it is or isnt; when Pep goes to roost in the evening, she may not be roosting on a perch but rather laying in bedding and soils her bottom during the night causing the redness you're seeing.
    Again when she poops at any time, the feces' urates can run down her rear end causing skin burns, even on her lower abdomen.
    You can trim feathers and fluff back just a little, too much trimming will worsen the problem. This will give Pep a 'clear shot' to the ground when she poops.
    Purchase Nu-Stock at a feed store. It's usually in the equine section. Apply the Nu-Stock to the red areas, it will heal your hens bottom in a short time and deter picking as well. Wear disposable gloves when applying it. No need for diapers or panties. I've dealt with this issue before and feathers will eventually regrow after molt.
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