Not a good day. All my ducks have prolapsed vents. WHAT DO I DO? Update w/ graphic pics


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So, yesterday I posted on facebook about having to take one of my ducks to the vet to have its oviduct stitched back into place. Well, this morning all my ducks have prolapsed vents. Some worse than others. I can't take them all to the vet. He gave my girl a 50/50 chance of survival yesterday. That's stressful enough! Plus, the cost. Now what do I do about the others? One girl is as bad as Ginger, yesterday's duck. The others are just a slight prolapse. Please help me. I am totally freaked!

FYI, I am pretty sure it is because of the drakes, and they have been separated from girls. I just need to know how to treat the girls.

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Storey's Guide recommends the stitching, so that's not much help. It also says to keep the drakes away until the ducks are healed, and then only reunite them for a few hours at a time a few times a week. Wow.

You've taken the best first step. Trying to reinsert the tissue with some lubricant, letting them rest, keeping them as clean as possible are my first thoughts. Perhaps you can plea with the vet for a break.

Someone had written that she used Preparation H to reduce tissue swelling. I still think warm tub baths might help reduce swelling and improve muscle tone around the cloaca.
Oh, that is just beyond words. Ow.

See if you can take it one moment at a time. It's not a happy time, but you can rally and deal with it and get through it. Wow.

Sometimes I think about having a drake or drakes, and then . . . .

More hugs and prayers.
It's hard not getting so emotional over the whole thing, but it is what it is. I explained to my son that we can do what we can to help them, but after that it is out of our hands. There is a reason for why things happen. I am the new 4-H poultry leader, and this is a great learning experience that I can share with the others. Although, I prefer that they share with me.

I spoke with David Holderread, and he was very helpful. Explained why this could be happening to all my ducks, and asked me to keep him informed so that he could pass on any knowledge learned from this experience.

I take Cafe, our duck, to the vet today to be stitched up. Mr. Holderread let me know that that was her only option for any chance of survival. Maybe I'll get a discount.
I agree with Amiga, warm soaks maybe a little Epsom salt water only because it reducues swelling, I am so sorry this has happend I hope they all get through this..
we have raised pigs over the years and when you get prolapses sometimes it comes from coughing and sneezing. Not sure if your ducks are doing that. Just a thought
Please let us know how they are and what you think led to this, was it too much mating? I am so sorry you and your boys and your ducks are going through this, Hope you can get the vet to give you a break..
I have to take both of my ducks back to the veterinarian tomorrow. The doc did a really loose stitch on them in case an egg needed to pass, but the stitch didn't hold the oviduct in place. He will have to make it tighter which could cause them to become egg bound, if indeed, an egg needed to pass. Hopefully, with them being in complete darkness for twenty-three hours a day they won't need to lay an egg.

Tomorrow I will post information the vet and David Holderread gave to me explaining why this might have happened. For now I need to get some sleep. It has been an exhausting two days.

Oh, the other two ducks seem to be doing fine. They still have a slight prolapse. I have separated them from the drakes, and have put them in the dark so they won't lay any eggs. I am also using Preparation H on them to see if that will help the prolapse.

See ya tomorrow.

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