Not a good year for me and my girls

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    Aug 8, 2007
    I always get extremely emotional when I lose a bird, and normally, that doesnt happen too often. This winter has been a different story. Ive lost two of my young girls in less than a month. The first died tragically after choking on a mouse. I just went out to check on the birds and found my standard blue cochin in the corner, dead. It doesnt look like there was a struggle, as there werent a bunch of feathers laying around, but it looks as if her rear had been eaten into. I would think that a weasel would go after my other birds too.....but after looking, im not so sure what got her. One of my other birds had blood caked around her nose and a little on her chest feathers, but none on her beak. My birds were always a little picky to eachother....but I couldnt imagine her laying in the corner letting the others peck her to death....

    Im hysterical right now [​IMG]
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    I am so so sorry for your loss
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    Oh jeesh! Im so sorry for your loss. If they are pecking at each other, might be time to hang a few pecjable treats for them, to occupy thier time. Hope thre are no more losses. [​IMG]

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