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    Aug 31, 2011
    [​IMG] i thought my chicken had got over what ever had made her ill, but this time she is worse, lying flat out, keeps falling over and is asleep all the time i pick her up and she is really floppy can't hold her head up and she can't keep her eyes open, i tried to get her to drink and i have noticed mucus in her mouth, what is wrong with her.
    i really thought she was on the mend, only yesterday she was out running with the others, could she have eaten something poisonous, they all eat out of the same bowl and they all scratch around the garden together but it's only her that is ill.
    i wormed her 4 weeks ago because two of the chickens had gapeworm so i administered VermX in a syringe with some water and put it in her beak it worked almost straight away and they both stopped doing that strange gaping with there beaks after i had administered VermX. i know some say that it does not work but i have found it does and i have treated them all this way.
    any suggestions on what could be wrong.[​IMG]
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    May 23, 2011
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    Does the gaping look like short yawns? My first thought about the gaping is that it could just be them moving food from their crop on down their digestive system. My second thought is gapeworms but if you wormed them already that doesnt sound likely. I dont know how effective Vermx is though; isnt it a "natural" dewormer? Maybe a search on this site for "wormers" would be helpful.

    Mucous in the mouth: no idea what that could be. Im sorry I cant help more. I dont know where everyone is today; emergency board isnt very active today. [​IMG]
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